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Curb appeal

We have all heard and used the term cub appeal. It is always nice to take pride in your home and I am sure the neighbors appreciate it. One group of people should really pay attention to curb appeal though. home sellers and real estate agents. First impressions or everything. like it or not everyone makes a snap judgement. Some study’s show up to a 150 percent ROI. on landscaping and curb appeal for your home.  A 2014 ZILLOW survey named curb appeal as one of the top 5 important factors in selling a home.

Real estate agents, I know a lot of you. Marketing tools are important to you. Networking groups, professional head shots on your card, LinkedIn, and all other social media platforms. That is all fine and dandy but what about the product you are selling. getting your clients to hop on board the curb appeal train is just anther marketing tool in your bag.


We now live in an era where everything comes at us fast. I can get Taco bell brought to my house while I write this. We as a people now make a choice before we even realize it. When you drive a client up to what could be the home of their dreams why would you not want it to look good right away. If you are selling your house  someone else needs to buy it Why not add a little curb appeal. We also live in a generation of cookie cutter houses. so set your house up to be noticed or they will just buy the one down the road.


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