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preseason 2019

Well happy spring! that last part of winter was a wild snow ride. Then in true Nebraska style, spring just showed up with rain and sun and melted it all away. This has caused a lot of issues. Some places like my in-laws are under water. Most homes have soggy wet yards. I hope your basement is dry. if your yard has standing water, it is probably to late now. Fear not. I am going to give you a few tips. If you know what you are doing then you can diy it. If you need a pro. I can help with some things. and other things I would point you to the people I trust.

First let me just give you a very generic description of what you got going on. Improper drainage can also cause natural low spots in your yard to accumulate more and more water with each rainfall. Thatch. Proper drainage also depends on your lawn’s permeability. … If grass clippings or leaf litter clog on your lawn, they can prevent the soil from absorbing water as it would under normal conditions.

If it is really bad. I would recommend a french drain.  I would recommend using someone who has done this before. Alo PLEASE call the digging hot line. 811. here is a quick video on doing a french drain on your own.

If You get water from the people around you or a trouble spot that floods all the time a berm might be the way to go. BUILD A BERM, a small hill covered with grass or other plants that will divert runoff around what you want to protect. You’ll need to think about where the diverted water will flow, then consider what to plant. Grass is easy, until it’s time to mow it. A variety of other plantings might be easier to maintain and can help the berm blend into the landscape. The best brief guide I’ve seen is “Building Soil Berms,” available online from the University of Minnesota. If you’re looking for a reasonably quick fix to protect plantings and structures, a berm may be the best option. This project can range from easy to bust out the skid loaders. Again always best to go with a pro.

I hope this helped. I plan on doing more blogs this year. Thank you


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