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The journey begins.

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Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. —  Warren Buffet

pexels-photo-356977.jpegWelcome to the Clippin Cams blog.  This blog will be used to tell the story of a solo lawn operator as well as posting helpful information and facts.  Yes, I take care of lawns for a living and enjoy getting paid for what I love.  I want you to become as educated as I am about your yard.  Sometimes I have to make a difficult call to push things back, skip them all together, or add services to your yard.  I hope that this blog will allow me to help educate you on the reasons why I choose to make these calls.

What sets Clippin Cam’s apart from the other big companies?  You may see other guys with several trucks and crews.  Maybe one day Clippin Cams will go in that direction.   I chose to stay a solo operator for the time being because I feel it is the best way for me to give you the best experience. When you call Clippin Cams (402-957-3246), I (Cameron) answer the phone or respond to your text.  This ensures from the start we are the same page on what you are looking for in your services.  When someone comes out to look at the job, that someone is me and only me.  When the price is given it comes from me and will not change; because I know exactly what the job is. When it is time to do the work, again, I show up.  I feel this is the best part of being solo.  You and I already have built a relationship when it is time for Clippin Cams to come get the job done.  Another positive for being a solo operator is you know while you are away at work, on vacation, or just enjoying life; you always know who is at your house working on your yard.

While there are a lot of positives to having a solo operator take care of your lawn, I understand the need for big crews.  I do not do a lot of landscaping, create a fire pit, or build a big wall.  However, I can point you in the right direction of people who I feel will do the best work to suit your needs and wants.

What all services does Clippin Cams offer?  I chose to focus on my skill set that I feel I excel at.

In the spring:  Cleaning up beds, redoing mulch areas, power raking, aeration with over seeding, trimming up shrubs and small trees. Summer time is the best time.  My focus all summer long is to keep the yard cut and looking well manicured. Weekly mowing, edging sidewalks, and blowing walkways is done each week.  This keeps everything looking well groomed and keeps grass clippings from where they do not belong.

In the fall:  During this time I am still doing weekly mowing.  However, as the leafs start to fall, I blow out the leafs in the yard and bag them up.  This ensures that the leaves are removed weekly and do not impede your curb appeal.  Later in the fall, I do big clean up jobs.  This includes aeration for anyone that did not do it in the spring.  Plants that need to be cut down to prepare for the winter months will also be completed during this time.  Of course, complete leaf removal is done at this time as well to prep for the winter months ahead.

In the winter:  I do snow removal!  At this time, I currently only offer snow removal for home owners.  This is another positive with my solo operation, you don’t have to worry about your driveway taking a back seat to bigger commercial parking lots.  This gets me to your door faster. What else sets me apart?  I am glad you asked!  I use a snow blower and a shovel with ice melt. Doing this gets your driveway cleaner and no you don’t have to worry about damage to driveway or grass from a snow plow.  You also do not have the worry of finding ice melt the day before a snow storm, save that for someone else.


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